Our Story

How We Began

Born in Maragoli, Kenya, Deborah Amoi (1936-2003) was an elementary school teacher who used her resources to help care and educate poor students from her community. It is in this spirit that her daughter Anne set up the foundation to continue her mother’s legacy.

DAF started in 2009 with 10 students and as of 2018 over 130 students have been sponsored from over 30 villages in Kenya. Our target group is impoverished and/or orphaned 8th graders who have been accepted to high school but lack fees.


The Problem

Unlike many countries in the West, a secondary school in Kenya is not free. Thus, to continue on past 8th grade, a high school student ends up paying around $500 per year. This becomes unachievable as the majority of Kenyans survive on less than 2 dollars a day, making it impossible to send their children to school. As a result, many students drop out of school and education is placed beyond their reach.


How You Can Help

  • Sponsor a High School Student for one year – $500
  • Buy a school uniform and shoes for a student. Uniform consists of a skirt or trousers, shirt or blouse, 2 pair of socks, shoes, tie, sweater, and PE uniform.  – $100

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